Life and Momentary Happiness

Life and Momentary Happiness

It would be impossible to list every secret of life, but the following are some of the most important ones. Losses are inevitable in life. Always live as if you have tomorrow because dying is a part of living. The only people who say they have no regrets are lying or so unhappy with their lives that their answer doesn’t matter.

Every time we experience momentary happiness, it feels as though we have finally reached a goal. That isn’t the case, because those moments are fleeting and nothing more than a false sense of achievement. The real achievement is being happy from what you have now rather than trying to be content with goals that will never happen.

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There is no greater feeling of joy and accomplishment than the one you get from doing something for someone else, with no thought of reward. We all have a chance to make a difference in the life of another person. Think about what your biggest dreams are and how you might be able to bring them to life for someone else. There is a gallery of people who did just that on the Secrets of Life Facebook page!

Happiness is a fleeting and intangible feeling, yet we all strive for it. What does it feel like to be happy? You might feel emotions such as content, joy, satisfaction, pleasure, and cheerful when you’re happy. Happiness can depend on your mood or it can be influenced by your surroundings. Money can’t always buy happiness but it’s believed that there are certain things that money can do such as providing a sense of security and minimizing pain in life. For some people, happiness could mean simply being grateful for what they have or not wanting more – how you define happiness is up to you.

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Life is filled with a great mystery that can never be solved. It is a fleeting and passing moment that each of us spends on Earth, trying to find happiness. We search for it by going on adventures, pursuing goals, and having good friends. Though we may not find what we’re looking for, the mere search will bring some joy into the process.

In the article “The Happiness of Pursuit”, American psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihályi, discusses how people pursue goals in order to achieve something perceived as positive. Pursuing goals may lead to a sense of happiness if done correctly.He proposes that goal-oriented pursuits can be divided into two categories: flow and hedonic. The first category is characterized by activities that are challenging but not too demanding. When this state is achieved the person will feel at their best, alert and concentrated with an enjoyment for life’s tasks. The second category encompasses activities that are purely pleasurable or satisfying—watching TV, shopping, or eating sweet food. There are many factors that play into this type of happiness

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