What to keep as Desk plants?

What to keep as Desk plants?

Desk plants are an easy way to bring some life to your office. They are also helpful for people who work primarily indoors. Plants force us to stay healthy by providing the three key requirements for survival: carbon dioxide, oxygen, and light. Some other benefits of desk foliage are that they help reduce stress and increase the productivity of workers.

Desk plants increase our mental health. When we’re concentrating, the human brain releases a chemical called dopamine, which makes us feel good. The more dopamine released, the better we feel. There are many different varieties of plants that can be grown at home or bought to keep on your desk.

Plants are for Today

Some people maintain that bench foliage, or office plants, can help their employees stay healthy and motivated. Others believe that desk foliage are nothing but a meaningless decoration, which doesn’t improve anyone’s health, so they prefer to use them only in the reception area.

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Desk plants

Plants are becoming more popular in the workplace. Some studies even show that they actually boost productivity. Plants have the added benefit of freshening up a stinky office and improving air quality, too.

Desk Plant for Tomorrow

The best kind of plants for your desk are the ones that don’t need much water or sunlight. These plants also should be compact so that they can fit on your desk without taking up too much space. The peace lily, zen garden, money plant, and spider plant are all good picks for this purpose.

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