Top 10 bestselling Bharatiya Authors you should read their books in 2023

Top 10 bestselling Bharatiya Authors you should read their books in 2023

Authors are always an integral part of any cultured society. They not just stimulate our intellectual quotient but also create a positive impact in our society. With their sheer experience and craft of writing they portray a true picture of society. Their expertise not just helps us to understand ourselves better but also make a long-lasting impact in our lives. Keeping these aspects in mind we cannot ignore these bestselling authors who have helped in shaping our lives through their works.


Jyoti Jha: An HR-turned-Author, Jyoti Jha is an MBA by qualification and has been associated with corporates like; Infosys and Whirlpool in the past. After almost a decade of globe-trotting, she pursued her compelling passion of expressing through words and embarked upon the journey of exploring the field of literature. A Storyteller, Columnist (The Literary Mirror), Co-Founder (Today Digital News Magazine), and an esteemed winner of ‘The Times of India Write India Season 3’, she has authored the books, ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’, ‘Around The World Through My Lens’, ‘Aanandi’, and ‘Heart’s Sanctuary & Other Stories’. Speaker at the Times LitFest, Global Literary Festival Noida (AAFT-Marwah Studios), IITs, and IIMs, and an honourable Jury Member at the Kashiyatra IIT BHU, Jyoti Jha is a proud winner of several literary awards and accolades. Her books have garnered much appreciation from readers, prominent media houses, and the literary fraternity.

She contributes to both Hindi and English literature. Her Hindi book ‘Aanandi’ has been adapted for theatrical representation by Saimona Creation under Let’s Inspire Bihar and has been picked up to be made into audiobook by Pune-based Zankar Studio. Her poems have been published in International Anthology and Literature Festival Anthology. Her upcoming book is on Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is also working on translation of Sahitya Akademi Winner Dr. Avinash Biniwale’s literary work ‘Iran- Paarashyaanche TeerthKshetra’ from Marathi to Hindi. Literary Awards and Features.


Shweta Mahendra: Shweta Mahendra, a transformative leader, empowers women in corporate and personal spheres. She is currently associated with Reliance Jio as Asst. Vice President in R & D Department.She fosters a balanced approach to professional and family life, advocating for equality, rights and justice. She is a polymath – a Technocrat, an author, has diverse interests in history, archaeology, ancient scripts, sociology, travel, fashion and fitness. She has done her engineering from IIT Roorkee, at the time when very few females used to opt for engineering. She has authored a book ‘Many Visions, Many Worlds’ available in Hindi and English bothy. She is a columnist in leading newspaper and magazines. She believes in One World, One God and One religion and focus on self-consciousness and ethics. Her columns and articles are based on the social, climate and spirituality.

She shares her own experiences in various dimensions touching the lives of commoners. She advocates that western philosophy is influenced from Indian philosophy, citing various examples from Bhagawad Gita and Vedas. With her own real life experiences she is a firm believer of afterlife and impact of it on our personality. She believes in Karma and  She is an avid traveller specially to historical sites across world and India.


Dr Anand Gopa Naik: Dr Anand Gopal Naik is a seasoned serial entrepreneur , currently serving as the Managing Director of Beginup Research intelligence Private Limited Bangalore , Beginup marks its presence in the field of Analytics , Public Relations , Technology & Education .  He is the author of best selling novels- ‘18 But Not Teen’ & A Self Help Business Guide ‘Startup Ladder’ . He is also a recipient of Young Entrepreneur Award by none other than Shree Ratan Tata & Shree Narayan Murthy . Dr Anand is a motivational speaker and an inspiration to young entrepreneurs. He has delivered training to more than 40,000 students and corporate leaders in more than 150 institutions and companies across India.

His first book ‘18 But Not Teen’ is a journey of his entrepreneurship at a very early stage even before the completion of his graduation. His Book ‘Startup Ladder: Steps Towards Successful Entrepreneurial Journey ’ is a must read book for all aspiring entrepreneurs as well experienced business professionals. The book is a must read for every dreamer who dreams to create a unique path to walk on and taste the pleasure of success.


Prashant P Pandita: An engineer who loves to write, but is stuck in corporate world from last 26 years to cater to his worldly needs and desires. At present working as a DGM with one of India’s leading Automobile companies. Making a small beginning with sharing my views with the world, perhaps preparing myself for something bigger in this field. The Jehlum Boys is a fiction written by Prashant P Pandita. A fiction and revolves around two young Kashmiri best friends of different faiths whose lives change completely after the forced exodus of Hindus from the valley in Jan 1990. The book traverses through the journeys of these two friends after that fateful January night. While one is relegated to the life of a refugee in a camp in Jammu, the other becomes a militant. The boy in the camp gets himself out of his misery through education and reaches the US while the other friend lands in Pakistan. Yet through all their trials and tribulations both have not been able to take each other out of their minds. The story revovles around revolvesHow and why they meet again.


Vadhan: Sai Chandravadhan Bommadevara writes under the pen name of Vadhan. He is an English writing Indian author with five published books. It is his intention to unravel the stories, mysteries, poignances and wonders of India, one thriller at a time. While his first book, ‘Shatru’, published in 2015, is a prequel to his latest, ‘Song of the Trinity’ series, (published 2023) is a thriller based on the Puranas, Upanishads and Vedas, his second thriller, Agniputr, is based on a single stanza from the Yajurveda, succeeding in dovetailing ancient literature with the principles of quantum physics. His third book, Fear of God, deals with corruption and vigilantism and is soon to be made into a movie. His fourth book, The Vimana Transcripts, is a thriller based on ancient Indian temples and is rated as one of five top thrillers of 2021. A lawyer by qualification, Vadhan started his career as a constitutional lawyer, working and learning from some of the top lawyers of India.

 He transitioned to regulatory compliance services back in the year 2000 and is considered a pioneer of regulatory compliance services in India. Currently, Vadhan is an executive director in one of the big four global consulting firms, leading regulatory compliance services for multinational and transnational corporations across 70 + countries. Hailing from the West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, born and brought up in the seaside metropolis of Chennai, having lived in Mumbai and for 18 years in Gurgaon, he has uniquely experienced different cultures and practices of India. He loves sports, movies, music, mountains and the ocean and of course, reading. His wife, his toughest critic, is an artist and candlemaker. His son is a budding movie and theatre actor and daughter, working in an accounting firm abroad, is an amateur gamer and artist. His four extremely playful canine children live with him.


Aaira Kaurr: Aaira Kaurr, a guiding light in the realm of self-love, is also the creative mind behind Self-Love Jewels, a spiritual jewelry collection that seamlessly blends her passion for design with her profound knowledge of spirituality cultivated over more than a decade. Kaurr’s mission is to lead people on a path of self-improvement that encompasses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. With her Self-Love Lifestyle philosophy, she helps individuals in their quest to become the best versions of themselves. Aaira Kaurr’s love for life and her dedication to promoting self-improvement shine through in her work. She is an ardent traveler, a listener of stories, a dancer, and a connector of people. Her experiences and interactions with people from diverse backgrounds have enriched her perspective and have been instrumental in shaping her journey. What sets Aaira Kaurr apart is her passion for designing jewelry with a spiritual touch. Self-Love Jewels is a testament to her dedication to combining the aesthetics of jewelry with the power of spirituality.

Her collection is a powerful fusion of frequencies and sacred geometry, resulting in dynamic energy tools that are designed to heal, energize, and manifest Divine Energy. One of the remarkable aspects of Self-Love Jewels is that it doesn’t merely serve as an accessory but as a conduit for positive energy. These exquisite pieces not only encourage the flow of energy but also support the wearer in maintaining a strong energy field, often referred to as an Aura. They are also designed to shield the wearer from negative energies, creating a positive and uplifting environment.


Arunimaa Sinhaa: Arunimaa Sinhaa, an educator, healer, author and Ted Speaker is a woman with a mission. Living through spiritual experiences, she is guided to help the feminine voice emancipate and flourish. A healer of multiple modalities, such as meditation, Angel Healing, Reiki, Advanced Ho’oponopono, Tarot card Reading and Yoga to name a few,  Arunimaa’s research on relationship issues through past life regression is a reason for many women to awaken to their own potentials. She inspires and assists new women authors to structure and grow their content through the spiritual path. She has also launched advanced healers in the community. Her books deal in the realm of divine love connections. Understanding love and life purpose and helping others do the same is her life mission.

Her popular book ‘An EmBbarrassing Love Story’ is about a spiritual love connection, which has manifested in the present life at a huge age gap and community difference between the lovers. How do the lovers deal with the present day challenge? Are they able to recognise each other? The book offers a true story that is overwhelmingly miraculous. “Do twin flames exist?” is the subheading, the book promises to answer. The sequel of the same is about to be released soon.


Dr. Anandajit Goswami: Dr. Anandajit Goswami is a Research Fellow with the Ashoka Centre for People-centric Energy Transition, Ashoka University and has been a Director, Professor at School of Behavioural and Social Sciences (SBSS), Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS). He obtained his PhD in Energy Policy from TERI School of Advanced Studies and Masters in International Trade and Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University. He was a faculty at the TERI School of Advanced Studies and has led projects supported by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UKAID, Asian Development Bank, World Bank. He was also based in United Nations Economic Cooperation for Africa, Addis Ababa where he led the TERI-Africa Initiatives. He has extensively been involved with the Atomic Energy Commission, Government Ministries, Indian Railways and has advised them in several important policy decisions through his research work and projects related to SDG1,2, 3, 4, 7,8,10, 16, 17. He has also worked as a leading consultant to Niti Aayog, UNIDO, Copenhagen Consensus Centre, WWF India, WWF Uganda and has advised the Government of Rajasthan, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh in state level energy policy making and transition for future. He has published 40 peer reviewed Scopus and Web of Science International Publications,13 books which includes 3 award winning books, 7 fiction books, 3 reference books and has supervised one PhD thesis, three are under completion and has successfully completed 14 Master Dissertation Thesis.

He has been leading his Philanthropic Foundation – “TOHRI Foundation” which has been chosen as one of the 20 best start ups of 2023 for working in the space of SDG1,2,3,4,5, 12, 16, 17.  He has been an Ambassador of Anti-Tobacco campaign of NADA Foundation across states and has been recognised by All India Human Rights Council, Child Rights and You, WWF India for his contribution in the space of Human, Child and Animal Rights in India. He has also contributed to climate action movements of Extinction Rebellion, POP Movement, Fridays for Future through his music for sustainability movement. He has been acknowledged by Jashn-E-Adab for his musical contribution to an unique poetry-music theatrical called –“Yuhi Sath Sath Chalte”. Currently he is in the process of releasing his upcoming Novel – “Prannath” and curating a mega book project on Climate Action and Justice called –“A Green Day” which will be published by Hachette India in April 2024.


Naseha Sameen: Naseha was born in Silver City Cuttack, which tempers the soul with resilience. In the late 90s, the city was yet to experience the full-blown invasion of mobile. Load shedding was common. People adjusted their work schedules to the load-shedding time. Extended families usually had a common yard, where stories were told in the dim light of stars and lanterns. Naseha’s love for stories originates from here.  A series of events took away the career she had been planning for. She did the unexpected and moved to Gurgaon to take up a job at Call Center. That was some eighteen years ago. Joined as a frontliner, she has worked her way up the ladder. She found analytics and data science as an extension of her passion for storytelling. 

She has been delivering operational efficiency by challenging the Status Quo and providing Thought Leadership. Her expertise lies in Optimizing the Cost, Consulting to improve efficiency by implementing strategic programs to ensure the transformation of business processes on the bedrock of analytics, data modeling & Change Management, LEAN/Six Sigma Approach. Her work is to ensure business Continuity & improvement of the KPIs and drive a culture of improvement, data advance data science, including AI/ML and Automation. Her expertise is in building departments and talent pipelines to suit business needs, planning the sustainability of existing and new solutions, and transforming processes for NVA and defect identification and minimization. Today, Naseha is a Site Leader in an MNC, overseeing the European and Far East region’s planning, data modeling, strategies, and process automation and optimization.


Souvick Mukherjee: Souvick Mukherjee is an IT expert who has two books to his credit. Hailing from West Bengal, Mr. Souvick has peened various literary pieces that are loved by readers all around the country. Debuting with “The Unforeseen Dilemmas” in 2016 Souvick Mukherjee forayed into the field of literature fulfilling his long-time college dream of witnessing his name in the ‘About the Author’ section. He did not just write for pursuing a fancy college dream, but he produced another masterpiece, “The Butcher’s Pets” three years later. Souvick who is very much influenced by the basic human emotions which is quite evident in his writings is going to release his next masterpiece very soon.