The Great Indian Dandiya Festival 3 Day Triumph of Dance, Music, & Culture Leaves Unforgettable Memories

The Great Indian Dandiya Festival 3 Day Triumph of Dance, Music, & Culture Leaves Unforgettable Memories

Mumbai, October 27, 2023: “The Great Indian Dandiya Festival,” a three-day extravaganza of dance, music, and culture, jointly organized by EVA LIVE, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment, and AD Ventures Production, concluded with grandeur at the iconic Jio World Garden from October 20th to 22nd, 2023. It left a lasting imprint on attendees, creating unforgettable memories and fostering a profound appreciation for the rich tapestry of showcased traditions.

“The event exceeded all expectations, redefining the dandiya experience with a spectacular celebration of dance, music, and traditions,” said Deepak Choudhary, Founder and Managing Director of EVA LIVE. “The venue, Jio World Garden, was thoughtfully chosen to provide ample space for the large gathering, ensuring that dandiya lovers had enough room to dance to their hearts’ content. ‘The Great Indian Dandiya Festival’ was carefully conceptualized and innovatively designed to suit the expectations of the discerning audience, curating it as a cultural extravaganza, something that Mumbaikars witnessed for the first time. It was a pure entertainer with the vibrant artists and their mesmerizing performances. I am sure there was something for everyone to vibe along.”

Neeraj Roy, Founder & Managing Director, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment, remarked, “The Great Indian Dandiya Festival was an extraordinary event that promised the perfect fusion of digital and real-world splendour. Our goal was to create an unforgettable celebration of culture, music, and togetherness. It was a unique and remarkable experience that united people from all walks of life, fostering a sense of unity. We extend our heartfelt thank you to everyone who made this event a resounding success.”

Ameya Dabli, renowned celebrity singer, Maestro Music Curator, and Founder of AD Ventures Production said, “It was more than just a dandiya event; it was personally challenging to curate music for this festival that was both traditional yet upbeat and entertaining! The festival was a bridge that connected hearts and cultures through dance, music, and traditions hence it was important for me and the team to conceptualise songs and themes to suit the needs of the festival. The memories created here will echo in the hearts of our guests and visitors who came there to participate in the festivities for years to come.

Renowned artists including Divya Kumar, Shruti Pathak and Ameya Dabli created a spellbinding musical fusion that resonated with the audience. Their performances were complemented by the dynamic and entertaining dancers who performed with great energy and enthusiasm, inviting everyone to dance along.

Throughout the three days of revelry, this festival proved to be a one-of-a-kind experience, bringing together the mesmerizing beats of Punjabi Dhol and Puneri Dhol, the rhythmic grace of Garba and Dandiya, and a plethora of cultural traditions that captivated attendees from diverse backgrounds.

The Great Indian Dandiya Festival was more than just music and dance. Attendees were able to indulge their taste buds in the “Flavorful Food & Vibrant Flea” section, where culinary delights from various cuisines and vibrant flea markets awaited exploration, ensuring there was something for everyone.

The Great Indian Dandiya Festival was a testament to the power of culture, music, and togetherness, and it left attendees with cherished memories that will last a lifetime. As the curtains fall on this remarkable celebration, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this event a resounding success.


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