Sree Narayana Mission’s Outstanding World Records Highlight Teamwork and Individual Triumphs

Sree Narayana Mission’s Outstanding World Records Highlight Teamwork and Individual Triumphs

Tamil Nadu, India, October 04, 2023

Sree Narayana Mission Senior Secondary School, Chennai, Showcases Extraordinary Talents, on September 29, 2023, the second day of the festival dazzled with outstanding feats, emphasizing teamwork, intellect, physical prowess, and holistic development. Participants from diverse fields set new records, earning recognition from Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Record, providing inspiration for aspiring achievers.

In a display of artistic brilliance, Sujay Bharathi.K.V., of Grade-VI, achieved a record by completing an impressive 109 pencil shades in just 3 hours. Each shade was a visual delight, showcasing his undeniable talent and impressing the onlookers. Sujay’s finished pictures were not only realistic but also highly admirable, reflecting a level of quality that captivated all who witnessed his work. This achievement serves as a testament to his dedication, talent, and artistic passion, leaving a lasting mark in the world of art.

Rohit Venkatachalam, of Grade IX, has made history by successfully unveiling the Largest Origami Heart Mosaic, fulfilling his vision of “Empathy for Animals.” This awe-inspiring mosaic features a remarkable 16,000 origami hearts, elegantly covering an area of 18.86 square meters. Rohit’s dedication and creativity shine through in this monumental achievement, a testament to his passion for art and compassion for animals. Let’s unite in celebrating this remarkable milestone, honoring art, empathy, and the talent of our youth.

Shrikeshav.R, of Grade-IX, has achieved a remarkable feat by creating the Largest Origami Houses Mosaic. Guided by the theme “Go Green: Protect, Conserve, Sustain,” he meticulously assembled 12,000 origami houses, covering an expansive 18.86 square meters. In a display of dedication and ingenuity, he transformed this unique concept into a breathtaking reality in just 11 hours 30 minutes. Let’s unite in celebrating his artistic endeavor promoting environmental responsibility.

Gokul Karthik.S, of Grade-XI, has etched his name in the annals of creativity by achieving a world record for crafting the Most Origami Models in just 3 hours. Gokul meticulously folded 719 origami pieces, showcasing his mastery of 7 distinct models. This feat not only highlights Gokul’s finesse in origami but also emphasizes the importance of precision and creativity in this intricate art form. It stands as a testament to the dedication and talent Gokul possesses, leaving an inspiring mark in the world of origami.

Megha.H, of Grade-VIII, sets a new world record by creating the Most Fireless Dishes in just 3 hours, surpassing her goal of 163 recipes. This accomplishment highlights her culinary skills and promotes safe, creative, and healthy cooking. The event emphasized steering clear from junk foods, advocating for a balanced diet and a wholesome approach to culinary art. An inspiring testament to passion and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle through innovative cooking.

In a heartwarming tribute, 672 students from Grade I to Grade XII came together, crafting handmade greeting cards simultaneously and set a world record. Each dedicated 45 minutes to create a unique card honoring Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on his upcoming birthday. Infused with love and respect, these heartfelt greeting cards beautifully illustrated the students’ admiration for the former Indian President and his remarkable contributions. As tokens of gratitude and reverence, these cards will be placed at Dr. Abdul Kalam’s memorial, symbolizing unity and respect. This collective effort not only set a world record but also left an indelible mark of love for the beloved late President’s inspiring legacy.

In an extraordinary display of language prowess, more than  545 students, spanning from Grade IV to Grade XII, joined forces to solve crosswords simultaneously at a single venue. This event served as a platform for them to unveil their latent potential in language skills, spotlighting their linguistic aptitude and passion for words. The scripts underwent meticulous evaluation, recognizing students who completed the crosswords with a commendable accuracy—a feat that earned them acknowledgment for this world record achievement. This not only underscored their language proficiency but also emphasized the importance of nurturing vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking abilities through crossword solving. This record-breaking event stands as a testament to the significance of promoting language skills and intellectual growth among the youth.

In an impressive showcase of cognitive abilities, 801 students from Pre KG to Grade XII participated in simultaneous picture puzzle solving. The event highlighted the diverse abilities across different age groups, emphasizing the importance of puzzles in cognitive development. Younger participants completed one picture puzzle each, while those in Grade-IV to Grade-XII solved two, showcasing their growing mental acuity and problem-solving skills. This record-breaking event serves as a testament to the significance of promoting puzzle-solving activities, bolstering intellectual growth, and fostering a culture of cognitive development among students.

The Sree Narayana World Records Festival is set to continually push boundaries, inspiring participants to scale new heights in their respective domains. Stay tuned for an array of remarkable feats and inspiring records as the festival unfolds. These encouraging words were conveyed during the event by Gokulam Gopalan, the President, accompanied by Deepak Devarajan, the Secretary, Vijayan Udayakumar, the Vice President, T.D. Rajan, the Treasurer, and S. Jayalakshmi, the Principal.

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